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Remembrance Day


Thinking about people like my father and grandfather who fought in the two World Wars, prompted me to write this poem a few years back. I think it is still appropriate  today.

Remembrance Day

As the bell tolled and vibrated

It was though the dead were listening.

In those two minutes;

Was this the total time it took

For the millions dead in two World Wars,

Actually to die –

The cumulative total of their dying seconds

Adds up to what?

Two minutes – a minute for each war?

Two minutes silence in a day where elsewhere

The guns still chatter to solve petty squabbles,

Where bombs fragment more than dreams,

Where some people don’t need a knife when they have a cudgel for a tongue,

Where eyes appear open

But hands are closed – tight.

Two minutes silence, and hard though I tried,

I couldn’t hear a trumpet call from Heaven,

But felt the eyes of a father

Upon his children, watching their growth,

And maybe just sometimes wondering

Whether the death of his only son

Was really appreciated or understood,

Among so many deaths,

Among so many deaths…