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(The not so silence of the lamb.)

After an embarrassing personal noise, you often hear someone say apologetically, ‘Better out than in’. All this fuss about the forthcoming British referendum on the E.U. brought that phrase to mind. It’s a wonder the Leave Campaign haven’t adopted it.

Anyway, this isn’t another article to persuade you how to vote,  or prompt a massed debate about In or Out.  I reckon there have been enough mass debaters to have had their say on that already. No thank EU. Whoops! Sorry, couldn’t resist another sheep joke.

No, what concerns me is the rather ruthless way in which both campaigns have used fear and a bending of the truth to promote their views. I suppose this is to be expected because we are dealing with the unknown; the future. There are prophecies of what will happen if Britain stays or leaves but I cannot help thinking that these are more motivated by profits than prophets.

Another thing that intrigues me is that there is an age component between the Leave or Stay parties. From all the people I’ve heard speak about this it seems that younger people under 40 want to stay but those over 45 mostly want to leave. If you’re 43 you’re clearly on the fence then. (The Government have maybe recognised this as they extended the deadline for the voting register.) Is that because younger people have never known what it was what like in Britain before we joined the E.U. and are scared of what may happen? Or maybe the older ones think it is a question of sovereignty and want our elected M.P.s to make their own rules rather than having rules imposed on them?

So which way do you vote? In or Out? It’s a dilemma, as most people will vote for their own interests rather than the Country’s. I suspect the case for many is that they are still undecided. It’s not my job to tell you how to vote. All I would hope is that you vote according to your conscience. We should all use our vote to do what we know in our hearts might be right. not just for us but for the Country.

Still, as I said last year when we in Britain were facing the General Election,  ‘If you are sitting on the horns of a dilemma; ask the dilemma to use lubricant.’  You need something to help you decide, to grease the wheels as it were.

Or, here’s a radical thought. Have a Day of Prayer to guide the Nation. We did this in the last two World Wars and we got the right result then.


Sheep picture from Shutterstock, with thanks.