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I have some friends who are atheists. ‘That’s amazing,’ you’re thinking. ‘He has friends?!’ Well, yes it is true and I have to say that some of them are more ‘Christian’ than some Christians I know… if you get my drift. Although we may differ in beliefs we generally respect each others’ views and have reasonable discussions about faith and that is fine.

What is not fine is the arrogance of certain celebrities taking to air their perceived ‘knowledge’ in videos and chat shows about there being no God. The latest is, of course, Ricky Gervais. He is always banging on about atheism and how wonderful it is and how anyone who has faith in God is at best just a simple minded creature who believes in fairy tales. Now he has released a You Tube video claiming there is no God…again.

I have always liked Gervais’ comedies like ‘The Office’ and ‘Extras’ and they are cleverly done, well acted and most of all, funny. However, he often seems to be the adopted persona of David Brent in real life with his sneering amiability tinged with a sourness about so many things.

He makes so many logically fallacious statements in his latest video that he is fast entering into the category described in the New Testament as, ‘Claiming to be wise, they have become fools’. His logic is so flawed it’s difficult to know where to begin in challenging it. So, you’ll be relieved to know that I don’t propose to expound on all his assertions. The danger is that on a certain cultural and intellectual level people will believe him. I hope those people will draw their philosophy from deeper wells than a comedian, otherwise, the joke will be on them. It’s still amazing that many do not realise that Jesus was a real, historical figure. There is really only one question to ask. Either Jesus rose from the dead, or He didn’t. If He didn’t then everything is out the window. You can forget everything in the Bible. But if He did…well all bets are on and all contradictions and arguments are nullified. What cannot die must still live.

For me, there are so many positive things rather than negative to show God exists even apart from Jesus’ resurrection and it baffles me why some cannot see it. Ricky must be just as baffled in the opposite camp. It’s the way things are. Ying, yang; positive, negative; black, white; dark, light and so on. As Isaac Newton’s Third Law states, ‘To every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction’. Although in a slightly different context, the premise still holds true. He was a scientific genius and a believer in God too.

One of the silliest things Ricky says is that if God created the universe, who created God because if believers say that God has always been around, then the universe must have also just been around? So, he is saying that we should ignore what science tells us about the universe coming into being and yet relies on that same science to refute God, who describes himself just as ‘I am’. Erm, not thought that one through have you, Ricky?

Our brains are not designed to understand a state of just ‘being’ in the same way we cannot comprehend infinity. Oh, you do understand infinity? Ok, let me ask you this. When you have gone out into space as far as you can, keep going, keep going, keep going until you cannot go any further. Now, what’s in front of you? You see, we cannot reconcile that state of affairs. It’s the same with someone or something just existing without the constraints of Time or with there being other dimensions. They may be invisible but many leading scientists believe they exist because of the physical bearing on other objects in the universe.

And that is really what faith is all about. Atheists believe there is no God. That’s all. They cannot prove there is no God or say it is a fact. They have a belief about no God the opposite of those who believe there is. There are many, what I call, Evangelical Atheists. They fervently try to convince people of their belief in the same way that Christians and Jews etc do. However, this is the spooky bit. Christians may have the prompting of the Holy Spirit to help their evangelising. But who prompts the fervour of the atheist?



I came into this country on the 9th February many, many years ago. It was in a Nursing Home in the North of England. I couldn’t speak a word of English and had no money or clothes. Someone slapped me on the bottom and made me cry.

I was never forced to learn the language as it seemed to come naturally after a year or two. Later on, I migrated to the South with my parents who settled quite well in a house provided by the Local Council. I hadn’t paid into anything and yet obtained free Health Care and schooling.

Receiving a good education, I found a job, raised a family and they now contribute to society in various ways it was hard to imagine all those years ago.

Where I originally came from I don’t suppose I will really know this side of eternity but I have loved living here and am so grateful to have been accepted by the communities I have known over the years.

Are we all so different?

Just thinking out loud about the day I was born.