THE FIRST GIFT by [Freeman, Keith]An Element Of Time by [Freeman, K]

As it’s my birthday, the prices on both my Kindle titles have been reduced for a very short time only to 99p each! Yes, I know, it’s ridiculously cheap. How can you resist?
So, If you haven’t already done so, download a copy of ‘An Element Of Time’ or ‘The First Gift’ while you can.

Head over here for ‘An Element Of Time’ on or here for

If you want ‘The First Gift’, click here for or here for

Hurry! These prices are for a limited time only and will revert to their normal prices next week.

Thanks to all readers who have purchased them already and so you don’t feel left out, my new novel ‘The Sword Of Facilis’ due to be published in a month or two, will be offered to you at a bargain price,