Welcome to my Blog, or as detractors might say, ‘You’re welcome to it’!

I started this Blog to help explain and maybe give a different perspective to various things described in books and the web about science and holy scriptures. The intention is to combine science and religion. In the words of The Big Bang Theory theme tune, ‘Maths, science, history, unravelling the mystery that all started with a big bang’ (allegedly).

Posts will hopefully be on a fortnightly basis depending on what happens to catch my eye or flashes through what is whimsically called my mind. So, don’t be surprised to see posts about current topics either.

I am a keen astronomer, historian, photographer and writer and have broadcast on BBC Radio.

Also, I am interested in the history of a Roman Centurion called Marcus Favonius Facilis whose tombstone statue appears in Colchester Museum. In fact two of my novels feature something about him although in different periods of history; The First Gift and An Element Of Time (formerly called The Time Element). Both titles are out now in the Amazon Kindle  and Paperback books section and can also be found on which is a great site for buying any type of ebook, whether Kindle, iBook, Kobo etc.

Please visit  here for a direct link to Amazon and An Element Of Time. It is a gripping Victorian supernatural adventure with a new twist on the Grail legends. ‘Conan Doyle meets Dan Brown’, said one reviewer.

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Coincidentally, An Element Of Time was also the title of my first book of poetry published many years ago. I am now including various poems from that book as a free addendum to this Blog.  To paraphrase Neil Innes, I’ve had to suffer for my writing; now it’s your turn!

As you will gather I am fascinated by the concept of Time and how the past, present and future correlate.

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K.L. Freeman

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