I came into this country on the 9th February many, many years ago. It was in a Nursing Home in the North of England. I couldn’t speak a word of English and had no money or clothes. Someone slapped me on the bottom and made me cry.

I was never forced to learn the language as it seemed to come naturally after a year or two. Later on, I migrated to the South with my parents who settled quite well in a house provided by the Local Council. I hadn’t paid into anything and yet obtained free Health Care and schooling.

Receiving a good education, I found a job, raised a family and they now contribute to society in various ways it was hard to imagine all those years ago.

Where I originally came from I don’t suppose I will really know this side of eternity but I have loved living here and am so grateful to have been accepted by the communities I have known over the years.

Are we all so different?

Just thinking out loud about the day I was born.


4 thoughts on “THE MIGRANT.

    1. Post author

      Thank you, Mel. It’s nice to get feedback. It makes it worthwhile as I’m sure you realise that you are never certain what people think about your writing.

  1. Phil Eldon

    Good one Keith, very thought provoking, maybe we should all have ago at putting ourselves in someone else s shoes and walking that mile. It could turn the world around.

    1. Post author

      Thanks, Phil. Good to hear from you. Didn’t realise you read my musings all the way over in New Zealand.

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